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Sunday, 03 January 2010 14:34

The MicTel Laboratory has a range of state-of-the-art scientific equipment and software that is available to MicTel Research Group. However, services can also be offered to other academic laboratories and to industrial research through private service provision arrangements. 

DC to High frequencies
Cascade Probe Station: On wafer DC, AC and RF up to 40GHz measurements, Probe heads from Cascade
Keithley 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System (I-V, C-V, Pulse I-V, LCR meter)
Keithley 6221 DC and AC Current Source
Keithley 2601 Source Meter
Aeroflex 3416 Digital RF Signal Generator (250kHz-6GHz)
Tektronix AFG 3021B Arbitrary/Function Generator (up to 25MHz)
Aeroflex 2395 Spectrum Analyzer (9kHz-26.5GHz)
Tektronix RSA 3303A Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (DC-3GHz)
Anritsu MS4624B Vector Network Measurement System (10MHz-9GHz)
Taoma Electromagnetic Field Meter (5Hz-6GHz)
Tektronix TDS5000B Oscilloscope (1GHz, 5GS/s)
Various TX, RX Antennas (up to 3GHz)
Various DC Power Supplies, Various Multimeters

dc1 dc2 dc3
dc4 dc5 dc6


Simulation Software
Silvaco CO: Atlas: Tools-DeckBuild (Interactive Run Time Simulator interface), Tools-TonyPlot (Interactive Scientific Visualization Tool), Tools-DevEdit (Structure Editing and Meshing Tool), Atlas-S-PISCES (2D Silicon Device Simulator), Atlas:GIGA (2D Lattice Heating Simulator W/Heat Sink), Atlas:TFT (2D Amorphous/Poly Silicon Device Simulator), Tools-DeckBuild: Optimizer (Process/Device Optimization Module), Atlas-ATLAS Interpreter (Interactive Model Development Module)
Analytical Graphics Inc.: Satellite Tool Kit (STK)® Software Suite EDU (Space operations, Collision avoidance, Maneuver planning, Orbit determination, Attitude simulation, GPS navigation, GIS analysis, Operational scheduling, Coverage assessment, 3-D battle space, visualization, Real-time data interfacing, High-fidelity missile modeling communications link analysis, High-resolution imagery & terrain inlays).
Agilent Technologies CO: Advanced Design System (ADS)
Applied Wave Research Inc.: Microwave Office
EDX Wireless CO: EDX Signal Pro 5.3(Multiple site area-wide coverage and interference studies, Point-to-point and multipoint propagation analysis (30 MHz to 60 GHz frequency band), Cellular/PCS networks, Fixed wireless broad-band networks, Microcell and indoor 3D ray-tracing, AM broadcast groundwave and skywave systems, Fixed broadband (LMDS, MMDS, WLL) networks, Line-of-Sight and Non-Line-of-Sight networks, Point-to-Multipoint, Consecutive Point, and Free-Space Optic, 1G, 2G & 2.5G cellular and PCS networks, GSM- and CDMA-specific studies, Channel plans, Automatic system layout and frequency planning, AMPS, NAMPS, TDMA(IS-136), GSM, CDMA(IS-95), iDEN®, GPRS, EDGE, and 1XRTT).

sim1 sim2 sim3



Embedded Telecommunications Systems
Texas Instruments CO: DSP TMS320C6416 STK, DSP TMS320C6711 STK, Code Composer Studio II, MSP430 Flash Emulation Tool for MSP430F44x and MSP430F43x microcontrollers, MSP430 Evaluation Kit for the MSP430x33x product families, MSP430 Serial Programming Adaptor, MSP430 Gang Programmer, THS1206M Evaluation module, THS3001 Evaluation module for THS3001- Current feedback amplifier, TPS62000EVM-168 Evaluation module for high efficiency step-down, TPS61100EVM-198 is a high efficient boost converter with an integrated LDO, DAP Signal Conditioning Board (Unipolar), SN65LVDS31-33EVM Evaluation modules, SN65LVDS387EVM Evaluation module- 16-channel-LVDS-driver/receiver, MLVD20XEVM Evaluation module M-LVDS Transceivers, EVM for F243.
Altera CO: UP3 Board, EP1C6Q240 devices, CycloneTM EPCS1 configuration devices.

dsp1 dsp2 dsp3

GIS Software
Open source software for GIS Applications (Grass, QGIS)

gis1 gis2 gis3


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